San Diego, California averages over 260 days of sunshine per year, with summer days averaging up to nine hours of sunshine each day. It’s no wonder living near the coast with such a favorable climate makes San Diego “America’s Finest City.” Throughout the county, solar panel installations have become the norm for commercial and residential properties, increasing the property value and attractiveness to real estate buyers in the market.

We have met many commercial and estate owners who add on or install solar panels for the first time without considering after-care. We're here to help you get the most out of your investment.

If you are wondering whether you need to clean your solar panels, you should know that a professional cleaning service can improve your solar panel performance by up to 15-25%.
While solar panels can withstand layers of dust, dirt and grime, the buildup will decrease their output and you won’t actually be cutting down the cost of your energy bill as much as you could. We recommend thorough cleaning solar panels every six months to maintain peak performance.

before and after a professional clean

Can I clean solar panels myself? For DIY solar panel cleaning, you will need a ladder or another safe way to reach the panels, non-abrasive equipment and solutions to ensure you do not damage the delicate surface of your panels. Using harsh chemicals, cloths or brushes can not only damage the panel itself, but also leave you with a streak-filled surface that is worse than when you started. Pressure washing them yourself can scratch the surface and using household supplies such as glass cleaners or DIY mixtures can be laborious and time-consuming. This is also not a job we recommend doing by yourself. For your safety, it’s best to have someone with you for assistance.

How should I clean solar panels? You may not need to clean your solar panels as often as your clothes, but with the lack of rain in San Diego to help keep debris off your panels, they still need a proper clean to maximize performance. Let the professionals safely and effectively protect your investment. Our solar panel treatment safely deep-cleans and removes dirt, debris and other grime from the surface. Our years of experience and advanced equipment offer a unique combination of delicate pressure washing and specialized cleaning formula to restore the condition of your solar panels. You can see the difference cleaning solar panels can make and just how dirty they get with infrequent care or rain.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and want to help you protect and maximize your investment. Soak up the San Diego sunshine to reduce your energy bill and help save the environment too. We are proud to use environmentally-friendly cleaning substances for all our services throughout San Diego County.