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Does your exterior property need a professional power washing? Our team of experts at Nick's Window Cleaning Services has designed a system that is aimed towards continuous customer satisfaction. Using leading technology and products, we can clean any type of exterior surface. We have earned a solid reputation in our industry for delivering constant outstanding results. Let us enhance your home and improve the quality of your life.

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Maintain Your Property With Nick's Window Cleaning Services’s Power Washing Services

We understand the importance of our power washing services for creating healthy, functional homes for our diverse clientele. Over the years, we have witnessed the benefits of a power wash in terms of limiting the potential for repair costs in the future.

Your home can endure a large amount of physical hardships over different seasons. For example, during the wintertime snow can build up and create an excess amount of moisture. This can be detrimental to a home and can cause mold and mildew, which feeds on your infrastructure and paint.

Our dedicated workers can properly remove mold and mildew and effectively eliminate the potential for moisture to damage your property.

Environmentally Conscious Power Washing Services

Our power wash contractors care about the planet and want our city to stay clean and healthy for the future. It is important that we participate in an eco-friendly system of work that is safe for the environment, which means limiting the amount of greenhouse gases polluting the air and harmful products contaminating our water supply. With our professional services, you are guaranteed a non-polluting power washing that is healthy for the planet.

Multiple Surfaces Cleaned

Our professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and products that can power wash a wide variety of different surfaces, which are safe for windows and sensitive areas of the home as well. Here are the different surfaces we can power wash, effectively removing dirt, grime, dust, bacteria and cobwebs.

  • Driveways
  • Roofs
  • Exterior walls, fences
  • Vinyl and Cement Siding
  • Decks and windows

Our experts have been diligently trained to power wash any type of material including brick, vinyl, cement and plastic.

What Are the Advantages of Having Windows Power Washed?

How Often Should You Power Clean Your Siding?

Power washing your siding helps you maintain a beautiful exterior while avoiding potential damage. Most buildings benefit from power washing every one to two years. This timeframe helps remove built-up dirt, grime, and mildew without excessive wear on your siding.

Additional factors may affect recommended cleaning frequency. Here's what you should consider:

  • Siding material: Different siding materials have varying levels of dirt resistance. Check with the manufacturer of your siding material to learn more about their washing schedule recommendations.
  • Climate: Buildings exposed to heavy rain, dust storms, or constant moisture might need cleaning more often (every one to one and a half years).
  • Surroundings: Structures near trees or a busy road expose siding to more dirt and grime, necessitating cleaning every one to one and a half years.
  • Visible signs of dirt buildup: Regardless of your schedule, clean your siding whenever you notice a significant buildup of dirt, grime, mold, or mildew.

What Are the Benefits of Power Washing Your Roof?

Power washing a roof requires specific techniques and appropriate water pressure to avoid damaging shingles and other roofing materials.

With the proper techniques, this is a cleaning method that yields many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Extended roof lifespan

A dirty roof with moss, algae, and grime will significantly detract from the overall appearance of your house. Power washing blasts away these eyesores, revealing the beauty of your roof and boosting your home's curb appeal. Moss and algae growth can also trap moisture under your shingles, leading to rot and deterioration.

Pressure cleaning extends the lifespan of your roofing system by removing these threats, promoting good ventilation, and preventing premature roof failure.

How Often Should You Schedule Roof Cleanings?

Book a roof cleaning every two to three years to prevent debris, organic matter, and grime from compromising your roof's performance. Keeping your roof clean will also make it easier for inspectors to locate problems during a roofing inspection. Diagnosing and solving roofing problems becomes much easier with nothing blocking their view.

How Does an Annual Power Wash Extend Your Driveway's Lifespan?

Driveways experience constant wear and tear. Sun exposure, freezing temperatures, and regular traffic can damage their surfaces over time. Environmental factors like rain and dust can also contribute to the accumulation of dirt, grime, and damage.

Here's how a yearly power washing will significantly extend your driveway's lifespan:

  • Removes damaging substances: Over time, your driveway accumulates a layer of dirt, grime, oil, and spills. Power washing blasts away these contaminants, preventing them from seeping deeper and causing cracks or deterioration.
  • Protects against plant growth: Moss, weeds, and algae can grow in tiny cracks in your driveway, further widening them and compromising the structural integrity of the surface. A yearly power washing effectively removes this unwanted vegetation, preventing it from establishing a foothold and causing future issues.
  • Maintains a healthy surface foundation: A clean driveway promotes better rainwater drainage and prevents water from accumulating and potentially freezing in cracks during winter. This helps prevent the base material from eroding and protects the overall foundation of your driveway.
  • Prevents staining: Regular power washing helps prevent permanent staining from oil spills, tire marks, or other contaminants. This enhances the visual appeal of your driveway and makes it easier to maintain its cleanliness in the future.

When Should You Pressure Clean Fences and Exterior Walls?

Pressure clean fences and exterior walls every one to two years to remove build-up, grime, and organic and other contaminates before they can cause problems. Wood fences and walls are more susceptible to mold and mildew growth and may require annual cleanings, especially after humid weather.

Vinyl fences and walls are more resistant to dirt and mold. Cleaning every two to three years may suffice. Brick and stone fences and walls are generally durable but still accumulate environmental debris and buildup over time. Cleaning brick fences and walls every three to five years is a good starting point.

Which Fencing Materials Are Good Candidates for Pressure Cleaning?

Some fencing material types respond better to pressure cleaning than others.

Here's a list of materials that are good candidates for washing with high-pressured water:

  • Masonry fences (brick, stone)
  • Vinyl fences
  • Concrete fences
  • Wood fences
  • Metal fences (wrought iron, aluminum)

Does Decking Need to Be Pressure Washed Before Staining or Painting?

A pressure-washed deck creates a clean canvas for the smooth application of stain or paint. Over time, decks accumulate dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and even loose wood fibers. Pressure washing removes these contaminants, creating a clean and sound surface for the stain or paint to adhere to.

A dirty surface will result in poor adhesion and a less durable finish. By contrast, a clean decking surface allows stain or paint to penetrate the wood more evenly, leading to a richer color and a more even finish.

How Long Does It Take to Power Wash Windows?

Forget the time it takes to clean windows by hand and experience the convenience of investing in power washing services. With gentle pressure and the correct cleaning solutions, your windows can look as good as new much faster.

Here are some considerations that will affect your project's turnaround time:

  • Number of windows: Do you want to clean every window exterior on your property? This will take longer than cleaning a single or a couple of windows and screens.
  • Window size and accessibility: Larger windows or those on higher floors might require additional time or equipment.
  • Level of cleaning required: Heavily soiled windows may take a little longer to clean thoroughly.

Should Window Screens Be Removed Before Power Washing Begins?

Yes. Window screens should be removed before a power washing service begins. This protects your screens from damage and allows full exposure of casings and window glass to be cleaned. It's also the best way to approach screen cleaning.

Once your screens are uninstalled, we'll use gentle pressure settings to dislodge particles of dirt and allergens. Then, we'll reinstall them carefully to ensure your home remains protected from exposure to pests and critters.

Increase Your Property Value When You Hire Our Expert Power Washing Team

Our pressure washing services are designed to increase the value of your home and add curb appeal. This means that if you are selling your home, a power wash can attract the right buyers and potentially make a profitable sale.

Buyers are interested in homes that look clean and that have been well maintained over the years. Our service will make your home look brilliant and healthy.

Insect Repellent Power Washing System

A power washing can properly remove cobwebs and insect nests from your home, while cleaning surfaces to limit the potential for insects to return.

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