We know how important it is to have a spotless shine at every angle. That’s why our team is equipped to cover San Diego window washing throughout the county for high and low-rise residential and commercial properties using safe, effective tools and deionized water. For spotless window results in hard-to-reach places, Nick’s Window Cleaning Services uses a 40-foot water-fed telescopic pole with pure, deionized water.

Our Process

⤏ Leaves no streaks

⤏ Results in a spotless shine

⤏ Safe for the environment

⤏ Reliable and detailed for your satisfaction

While each property is unique, our approach to a safe, spotless service is a new standard. Bringing a ladder to the site is not how we reach or clean high windows as some might expect. Our experienced team is able to guarantee the entire surface area of a window three stories high is thoroughly cleaned, while remaining on the ground. This brings together the safety of our team and the strength of our tools to give you the best result.

With the telescopic water-fed pole, we do not need to use a ladder for a streak-free shine on high windows. In fact, without a ladder, our team has better mobility and leverage to cover even more services such as awning and solar panel cleaning in San Diego, using the same state-of-the-art equipment. Utilizing the easy-to-assemble and rigid mechanics, we are able to extend our signature technique to your property whether your surface is 4 feet from the ground or forty.

water fed pole reaches anywhere

Not only do our services provide you with a streak-free shine on the inside, but we also make sure the interior looks just as good as the exterior. With a squeegee and delicate applicator, we hand-wash every window to a streak-free shine. Our attention to detail highlights the difference in DIY cleaning versus professional. We take care of every aspect in window cleaning including frames, screens and tracks - all done by hand or through our water-fed poles. we hand wash screens

How to clean high windows is one part equipment, one part cleaning solution. There is a lot of discussion on what type of water to use to clean windows, especially for DIY cleaners. For a streak-free shine, we recommend using deionized water as opposed to distilled, tap or straight from the hose.

What is deionized water and why is it better for window cleaning?

Deionized water is pure, filtered water that has undergone reverse osmosis to remove the minerals responsible for leaving streaky deposits on windows. It is better to use for window cleaning because its purity will break down and dissolve the smallest particles of dirt and debris typically left behind on windows. There are no streaks or spots left behind, and no rush to dry! The pure water will evaporate to a clear finish and is the most eco-friendly choice for window cleaning

Pairing deionized water with our telescopic pole and brush, quickly reveals a spotless shine every time. There is no rush to dry quickly to avoid spots and streaks. Making your own deionized water involves several pieces of equipment that tends to be costly or more laborious for the average consumer. Let the professionals take care of it so you can enjoy a clear view. To get San Diego’s best window washing service, contact our team for a free estimate and seasonal packages.